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Acoustic ’80s update!

Thanks so much to everybody who came out to see us rock our Acoustic ’80s evening at Waltz in Astoria on Saturday night!  The show was attended by 58 people, which I believe is a new record for Waltz (the venue only seats about 35).  People were standing, sitting on the floor, and singing along to every note.  Mike and I had a blast and we hope you did too.

I want to especially thank readers Velma and Scraps, who totally surprised the hell out of me by showing up!  I saw them come in, and Mike said hi to Velma, so I assumed she was a friend of his from the park in the city where he often plays.  (Turns out she is.)  So imagine my surprise when Velma walked up to me and handed me her Hall & Oates Anthology music book!  Thanks, you two, for being so supportive, and for coming to Queens all the way from Brooklyn via subway, which is no short trek.  You guys rock.  I can guarantee you we’ll be doing a H&O song at the next one!

In one of my more intelligent moves, I handed Jess a camera with no memory card, so we’ll have to hope that our friend Michele will pass off some of her pictures for posting here.  We also have video and audio, so we’ll try to put that up at some point.

We hope to do another one of these gigs soon, hopefully in the city, so if you know of any venues where you’d like to see us play (especially if you know the bookers!), please let us know.

Thanks again, everyone, for the support!

  • Hey, we had a great time.  I did keep wanting to shout "Kajagoogoo!" and "Toto Coelo!" and "Blotto!"

  • Also "Haysi Fantayzee!"

  • Emily

    The girls and I eagerly await "Acoustic Yacht Rock"!!!!

  • Audio?  Video? I look forward to this! 

  • So when can we expect MP3s of said performances?

  • Sad to say, Scraps, I only would have recognized a few of those – and only "Blotto" because my sister-in-law told me about them recently.  You are hardcore!

    As for mp3s – our buddy Warren recorded it on minidisc, but I have a feeling it might be a while until I get the files – but thanks for the interest!

  • Nah, not hardcore, just way too obsessed with early MTV.  I know the 1970s much much better than the 1980s.My memory says that Kajagoogoo’s "Too Shy" was a decent-sized hit, but I don’t have charts.

  • Michele

    Um…Emily, speak for yourself.  Jason, I love you.  Pics are on their way.