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Comment issues

I’m noticing that some of you are having issues with formatting in the comments – you can’t seem to get the paragraph breaks to work, be it through using <br> or <p> or simply pressing enter, so you wind up with a really long, hard-to-read paragraph.

I need to do some investigating to see why this is happening.  If it’s happening to you, please just comment here with what OS and browser you’re using.

In the meantime, if you manually enter a <br> or <p> in your comment, I’ll go in and clean it up for you, since I don’t seem to be having the problem.  I know it’s annoying but I’ll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.  (Paging Mr. Gupta, you have a telephone call at the front desk.)

  • Paragraphs have never worked for me, Win XP Firefox at work, OS X 10.3.9 and Camino/Safari at home. Curiously, if you bullet point your entire comment, it will show up as having normal paragraphs.

  • Robert

    Here at work I’m using Windows 2000 and Firefox, and the paragraph breaks aren’t being recognized.  At home I’m using Mac X and Safari, which is recognizing the breaks, and Firefox, which isn’t.  However, all this weekend at home I couldn’t see anything on your site beyond the latest "Chart Attack."  Underneath it, excluding the "comments" line, was the Hype Machine table that’s usually on the right side of the page.  I don’t know what caused that, but it showed up on both browsers.

  • I’m using Firefox — though I’m about to upgrade it — and Windows XP.

    Another thing that happens, by the way (it just happened a couple minutes ago): Sometimes the comment box doesn’t load, and no reloading or ctr-reloading will make it appear.  I have to go back to your front page and click on the post again.

    I’d keep reading and posting here, whatever. Cheers.

  • justin

    yeah, the chart attack post breaks your page, right after the “what can one say?” it messes up all the formating, including the page background.

  • Elaine

    Mac OS/X and Mozilla…same as above.  I wonder what’s the deal?

  • I think that part of the problem had to do with the text that Mike sent me about "Marconi plays the mamba" – somewhere in copying and pasting his text (which had embedded HTML via Gmail), some wonky code got added.

    If you re-load, you should no longer have any problems.  I had to get rid of his embedded links, but his brilliant text is still present.

    Let me know if this fixes THAT issue.  We still have to work on the comment issue, I know.  Thanks for your feedback.

  • justin

    working wonderfully now – thanks jason!

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