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The Second Day of Mellowmas: Air Supply, “Love Is All”

Welcome, folks, to day 2 of The 12 Days Of Mellowmas!  Please enjoy (or try to enjoy) today’s download:  "Love Is All," by Air Supply!

Jeff and I were disappointed in The Christmas Album.  We were really hoping for some vintage Air Supply: soaring vocals from Russell Hitchcock, competent guitar playing from Graham Russell, that sort of thing.  Instead, it’s pretty much a Bing Crosby Christmas album with different vocals.  Still, if there’s one song that captures a bit of the Air Supply magic, if you can call it magic, it’s this one.

Air Supply:  Love Is All (download)

From The Christmas Album  Amazon

Jason:  We should tell our readers that if they’re on the fence about buying the Air Supply Christmas album, don’t do it.  It’s not worth it.  This is the only song that has any Air Supply in it, really.  The rest of it is all traditional, could’ve-been-sung-by-anybody pap.

Jeff:  Wow.  This sounds like the beginning of a made-for-TV Christmas special.  Is that Crystal Gayle?

Jason:  "we hunger for that touch?"  that’s awkward.

Jeff: CBS Presents: "The Suckiest Christmas," starring Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristofferson.

Jason:  Love is where we all begin, Jeff, you cynical prick.  And when we knock on heaven’s door, only love will let us in.  Somewhere, Bob Dylan just winced.

Jeff:  There’s some wicked reverb going on in here.

  Oooh, listen to that note!  That’s the first time Russell Hitchcock hit a Hitchcockian note.

Jeff: Oooh, a guitar just tickled my left ear.  I feel dirty.

Jason:  Another high note from Hitchcock!

Jeff:  Goddamn, real strings!  The first real strings we’ve heard all fucking Mellowmas, and they’re wasted on Air Supply.

Jason: Don’t you know that love is all, Jeff?  Love is where we all begin, Jeff.  You cynical prick.  And here comes that horrible heaven’s door lyric again.

Jeff: Yeah, and it’s all that will let us into heaven when we die.  This is sort of a morbid song for the holidays.  True love cannot be broken, through all the tears of pain.

Oh, shit, Hitchcock just rocked a little!

I just heard that!  He almost growled!  Almost.

Jeff:  I think that was his Bob Seger impression.  He probably had to lie down for a minute after that.

Wait a minute.  Does this song actually mention Christmas at all, come to think of it?  I don’t even hear any jingle bells.


Air Supply tricked us!  This isn’t about Christmas!

Jeff: They totally did.

  I read somewhere that this song actually gets holiday airplay!

They tricked us into listening to another one of their sappy fucking love songs.

Goddamn these Australians!

Jeff: They could have at least thrown in a children’s choir or something.

Jason: I agree.  We got screwed.

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  • You did get screwed.  Now go listen to Carnie and Wendy Wilson’s "Hey Santa!" 

  • Billy K

    You may have gotten screwed, but it seems like it was pretty consentual to me. It’s not like Air Supply knocked down your front door, duct taped you to the radiator and pulled out a mistletoe belt buckle…

    Wow…that was graphic. I’m gonna have to drink that image away tonight for sure.

  • wardo

    Ever since hearing that on a mix tape that leaned far too much on MOR and not enough on The Rock, I’ve been hypotized by “Love Is All”. And now, thanks to just a little Christmas magic, I have it on my iTunes. Bless you.

  • Damn this "Internet," I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not!  If you’re not, though, you’re welcome.  Love is all we need, wardo.

  • Billy K


    If that wasn’t sarcasm, I’m clearly in the wrong place.

  • Elaine

    Is that real or synthesized oboe?  I didn’t see any mention of Richard Carpenter producing this thing, so I’m betting synth.

  • wardo

    While I like my cheese with sarcasm, it wouldn’t be on my iTunes if I didn’t enjoying screaming along with it. ‘Cos when I knock on heaven’s door (oh-oh-oh-love!) only love will let me in.

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  • you guys are only jelous because air supply is one of a kind artist. not like u !!! A.S is great .. they making us the way og happiness being love or to be love in a simple way.. so u guys back off!!!! u jelous idiot. im dudley from philppines next time air supply wud come here i woudnt miss it again. or il be missing half of my life. Good luck A.S

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