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Folks, this might be an quiet week here at jasonhare.com.  See, I have my final week of performances of Postcards From A Dead Dog (which is going absolutely swimmingly, thank you very much for your good luck messages!), and I have a gig with EVIL PRINCE LUDWIG THE INDESTRUCTIBLE! this Friday night.  So essentially, in addition to the day job, I have four nights of either performances, rehearsals, or both.  (On the fifth night of the week, Jason rested and reminded his wife of what he looks like.)

I started working on a Mellow Gold this weekend, and my iPod kinda sorta ate itself.  I didn’t lose any music (I had it all backed up on my computer), but I did lose the content of all my playlists.  Which means that the fabled "List" to which I add all your wonderful/awful Mellow Gold suggestions is now empty.  That’s around 90 songs that are floating somewhere on my computer, looking for a centralized, Mellow home.  I’ll be spending any free time this week going through just about all the MG posts and e-mails you’ve sent, building the list back up.  So if there’s no Mellow Gold this week, that’s why.

As for CHART ATTACK!  I thought I was so smart when I asked some brilliant writers to jump in four the past four weeks.  "Once the show opens, I’ll have tons of time to even write some future CHART ATTACK! posts," I exclaimed to nobody in particular.  Yeah.  That didn’t happen.  And foolishly, I thought that I’d have free time this upcoming week.  (Why did I think that?)

While some other writers did volunteer to step in above Matthew, Kurt, Robert and Carlos, I felt it unfair to ask them to write a post with less than a week of lead time.  However, I had no problem asking Jefito to do it.  I sit in awe on a daily basis as he casually mentions to me that he’s finished a Cutouts Gone Wild!, a Cassingle Vault and an Idiot’s Guide within a few hours.  (Of course, when I then ask him, "how’s your baby daughter?" he says, "who?" and then runs off to make sure she hasn’t fallen into the toilet or something, but hey, you can’t do it all.)

So Jeff will be writing CHART ATTACK! for this Friday.  I’m both excited and worried, because how do I follow a post by Jeff?  I’ll do my best.

In any case, thanks for your continued readership and if we don’t get Mellow this week, there’s always next week!

  • jb

    You think Jeff‘s fast…

  • I can’t wait!

  • I’m getting feeling Jefito has clones.  How can one guy do all that?  Fuck.

  • I’m getting feeling Jefito has clones. How can one guy do all that?

  • Py, it appears you have a clone as well.

  • Damn it!  I told that clone to stay away from commenting and clean the house. Or was I supposed to clean the house and stay away from blogs?