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Evil Prince Ludwig this Friday!

Just goes to show you the kind of week I’m having – I haven’t even properly promoted my gig with EVIL PRINCE LUDWIG THE INDESTRUCTIBLE! at The Bitter End tomorrow night, which also features Mike on guitar and vocals!   That’s right, folks: two lame bloggers, one low price!

Late notice, I know, but if you’re interested, we’ll be playing at the aforementioned club at around 10 PM.  Cover charge is $8.  All details can be found on the performance page.


  • I can’t make it, seeing as how I’m in Chicago, but I’m curious about something else — which role did you play in “Glengarry Glen Ross”?

  • David

    Geez, Robert. I’m in Survivor, and you don’t see me avoiding Jason.

  • David, I’m a survivor of incest, and Jason looks sort of like my brother. What do I have to do, connect the dots for you?!

    By the way, “Rocky III” was on TNT last weekend. Kudos, sir.

  • Whoa, this thread took a decidedly creepy turn….

    I played Williamson in Glengarry, which is the role Spacey played in the movie.  One of the hardest scripts I’ve ever had to deal with, and if you want to know the definition of fun, play a part where all you do is get yelled at by all the other characters for a few hours every night.