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It pains me to say so, but there will be no CHART ATTACK! this Friday.  Long story short:  busy week at work, rehearsals for two different bands and a play, and any free nights this week were spent listening to Christopher Cross and that god-awful Lou Reed song.  See?  When Lou Reed’s involved, we all get punished.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll see you next week for more Mellow Gold and CHART ATTACK!-y goodness!

  • SnOOd

    Thanks to Jefito & Metal Machine Music for screwing us out of Chart Attack.

  • K Rock

    Boo! :-(
    Happy Memorial Day!

  • Metal Machine Music contains actual songs?!

  • I’ve often been intrigued when I’ve read about Metal Machine Music in the past, wondering what it would sound like. Thanks to your fine blog, I now know, but as a result have felt compelled to pull my ears off.