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Repost: Adventures Through The Mines Of Mellow Gold 3

It’s summer and although I should be relaxing, I’m actually ridiculously busy.  Either way, that means it’s time for a Mellow Gold repost.  Often, I’ll pick a Mellow Gold song at random to cover and, while researching it, find out some too-good-to-be-true tidbits.  This was the first entry where it happened: I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  It’s one of my favorite Mellow Gold posts.  And one final note: a few months after I wrote this entry, the director of the below-mentioned documentary actually sent me the DVD – I believe it’s called "The Syracuse Cut."  I haven’t watched it yet – I’m waiting until Jeff and I finally meet in person so we can endure it together – but you can be sure that’ll be covered in a future post.  Enjoy!

What’s that?  You want some more wussy music?  You need some more wussy music?  I’m here for you.

This week, we’re only going to cover one song.  Why?  Because the story’s so good, it deserves its own post.

Benny Mardones – Into The Night (download)

You could call Benny Mardones a one-hit wonder.  But technically, you could also call Benny Mardones a two-hit wonder.  And he has a pretty interesting background, too, but we’ll get to that in a minute.  First, let’s talk about the song itself.

"Into The Night" did well on the charts when it was released in 1980, eventually reaching #11.  It deserved to be a hit; it’s a good song.  It has deep, heavy drums, dark, minor chords, a subtle piano part, ethereal backing vocals, and Mardones’ strong yet hoarse lead vocal.  It features fantastic use of dynamics, and suitably builds throughout.  I like some of the lyrics, as well:

It’s like having a dream
Where nobody has a heart
It’s like having it all
And watching it fall apart
And I would wait till the end of time for you
And do it again, it’s true
I can’t measure my love
There’s nothing to compare it to

I think that’s quite pretty.  Of course, there’s just one problem: the opening line.

She’s just sixteen years old
leave her alone, they say

(shakes head)
(bangs head on desk)
(goes to call the cops)
(thinks better of it, hangs up)

Great.  This romantic song has been ruined for me because he’s singing it to a sixteen year-old.  Listen, I’m not saying that Benny Mardones likes little girls.  I’m saying this song is not helping any if he’s trying to prove that he doesn’t.

Apparently, though, nobody gives a shit, and nobody gave a shit back then – because, again, the song reached #11 in 1980.  And that’s not all.

In 1989, a station in Phoenix drummed up some interest in the song during a "Where Are They Now?" segment.  Somehow, word got to Scott Shannon, Program Director at Pirate Radio in Los Angeles.  Scott’s been running some of the biggest stations in the biggest markets for the past zillion years.  Anyway, in 1989, he added "Into The Night" back onto the station’s playlist, and soon enough, stations around the country were spinning a nine year-old song.  Nine years later, "Into The Night" was back on the charts, and peaked at #20.

Benny Mardones may have been a drug addict by then, but he was no fool.  If you were a one-hit two-hit one hit wonder, what would you do?

You’d get your ass back into the studio and try to capitalize on the success, that’s what you’d do.

And so Benny went back into the studio, now signed with Curb Records (’cause the folks at Curb Records weren’t fools either), and re-recorded "Into The Night."  The re-release appeared on his self-titled 1989 album ("known as ‘The Blue Album’ to his fans," his website says!).

I thought about offering "Into The Night ’89" up here for download.  But there really wasn’t any point.  For starters, you don’t need two versions of "Into The Night."  In fact, you might wind up hating me for it.  And there’s really not much of a difference between the two versions.  His voice has a little more wear and tear.  The instrumentation is a little different – there’s suddenly an acoustic guitar and the bass has a terrible effect on it.  We didn’t really need an "Into The Night ’89," but by golly, we got it.

UPDATE 10 AM:  So I go to my mailbox this morning and what’s waiting for me?  A pristine, still-in-shrinkwrap copy of Benny Mardones’ self-titled 1989 release on Curb Records.  Thank you to you-know-who for sending me this…(struggles to think of the right word)…CD.  (Note 8/15/07: since this post, you-know-who has sent me just about every Mardones CD available.  They’re sitting here at work.  I see them every day.  Yet I can’t bring myself to play any of them.  It’s like listening to one of Meat Loaf’s albums that’s not Bat Out Of Hell.)

So since I have it right here anyway, go ahead, torture yourself.  If you dare.

Benny Mardones – Into The Night ’89 (download)

Things went downhill yet again after that for Benny Mardones, but not before he re-recorded the song another two frickin’ times: there’s "Into The Night (acoustic)" and "Into The Night (2002 Version)."  The former features some lame ad-libs, and the latter has a voice that can no longer belt the other high notes.  It brings absolutely nothing to the table.  In fact, it takes things away from the table.  Nobody bought it.

Except, that is, for the constituents of the fine city of Syracuse, NY.

Yes, you read that right.

According to the Benny Mardones bio:

Benny disappeared everywhere – everywhere, that is, but Syracuse, NY. With the help of fans like Tommy Nast, then program director at local station 94 Rock, Benny’s music was constantly on the air in Syracuse. In 1983, he played a legendary concert at Longbranch Park with more than 10,000 people in attendance. BennyMania took hold in upstate New York. In 1985, Benny played four sold-out shows at the 3,500-seat Landmark Theater. At his peak in Syracuse, Benny would draw 24,000 fans to a show at Weedsport Speedway.

With all his records out of print, local promoters released two "Syracuse Only" records. These included "Unauthorized" and "American Dreams," each of which sold over 18,000 copies in Syracuse. Benny’s sales topped even new releases by performers like Bruce Springsteen.

You know, when I was 17 and on the search for colleges to attend, I was wavering between a few schools.  Syracuse University was one of them.  They did a lot to sell me on their school.  They said nothing about Benny.  Had I known that living in Syracuse would have put me square in the middle of BennyMania…well, shit.  Fuck the $35,000+ per year tuition.  The chance to get Unauthorized and maybe even get it signed?  Worth it all, my friends.

So what’s Benny been up to lately?  Well, recentlly – just today, actually – he won two awards!  Yes, he won the JasonHare.com Award For Worst Album Title AND Worst Album Cover:

Well, he just beat out this guy for my Favorite Awful Title With The Word "Love" In The Cover.  I’m not even going to dignify the bandana with a comment.  Maybe my wife said it best when she asked, "Is that a woman?"

I know you’re either thinking this story can’t get any better or when will he fucking shut up about Benny Mardones?  Either way, here’s the ending.  I’ve saved the best for last.

Benny has a new documentary, entitled (are you ready for this?) Into The Night:  The Benny Mardones Story.  And according to the cast page, it features such "characters" as Benny himself!  Benny’s Mom!  Roy Orbison!  Wayne Newton!  Richie Havens!  And this guy!

I am not making this up.  I didn’t even put that text on the picture.  I swear.

I can’t possibly think of anything else to add – but I’m sure you might, so please feel free to contribute in the comments!  And with that, I bid you a very – very – wussy goodbye.  See you Friday for CHART ATTACK! and next week for more Mellow Gold!

  • Dw Dunphy

    Of all the Mellow Gold posts, this one was the one for the time capsule. And as for "Let’s Hear It For Love", is it me or does that cover photo look like it was snapped at a jailhouse concert? "My name is Benny! Not Bon Jovi! Sure, I’d love to see some of the outsider art you’ve made from carving toothbrushes!" DwD

  • There are loads of hits about 16-year-olds: "Sweet Little 16"; "Only 16"; "You’re Sixteen", to name but a few.
    And Syracuse University is Lou Reed’s alma mater.  I doubt if he’s a Benny fan.

  • George

    "In 1983, he played a legendary concert at Longbranch Park with more than 10,000 people in attendance."I love how on artists official bios everything is always ‘legendary.’ I can’t imagine him drawing that many fans. Perhaps he was opening for someone else?If he’s already done 4 versions of this song….could the 2007 techno version by DJ Sammy be far behind? Hey it worked for old Bryan Adams & Roxette songs!

  • Dw Dunphy

    The Legend of Benny Mardones, "Well, I shot a man (a dirty look) in Long Branch just to watch him cry." He didn’t. He laughed. Then Benny cried. Then Benny recorded "Into The Night 2007 – Tearjerker Edition".  DwD

  • Eric S.

    I was at a CD store in downtown Chicago last month and the pictured CD was laying on the counter when I was checking out.  I made some comment about not realizing Mardones was still recording.  Then I commented that he kind of looked like Bon Jovi.  The store clerk quckly responded, "He looks like Bon Jovi’s mom".  That about says it all.

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  • Actual girls’ shirt:  http://www.warriorrecords.com/benny/t-girlsspagetti.jpg.
    He’s moved the flag scarf to his wrist, and he’s starting to morph in to Hillary Clinton:  http://www.warriorrecords.com/benny/benny4.jpg.  Maybe it’s a New York state thing.

  • Another quality blast of mellow gold.

    Now, I know you’ve done Orleans before, courtesy of the search button, but when the sun came out for 5 minutes today here in the frozen Northern wastes of Scotland, the two tunes I couldn’t get out of my head were;

    “Still The One” by Orleans and “How Much I Feel” by Ambrosia

    Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for you.

  • George

    I was just reading the "Let’s Hear it For Love" review on All Music (yes I had some time to kill) and it appears that the title track is a duet between Benny & Eddie Money.

  • krl66

    The ultimate pervert of Rock Songs award goes to Mellow Gold Pioneer Gary Puckett backed with the Union Gap. Gary had Teenage Trilogy I believe..Young Girl, shit I forgot the rest of them…but they was all about teenage girls.
    I do believe Gary was a true Mellow Gold Pioneer possibly tripping upon it in 1968. The Civil War Uniforms however told another tale…
    It is my opinion that the true beginning of Mellow Gold could be traced back to the post war 1940’s when the Fender Rhodes was invented. Now I know the sax has been around forever..But you cant deny that the Mellow Gold Instrument of choice is the Fender Rhodes in all it’s swirling glory.

  • Fender Rhodes as THE Mellow Gold instrument?  That’s quite a bold statement!  So the question is…were there any 1940s songs that utilized it in a Mellow fashion?   I don’t even recall off-hand what the earliest MG entry is here, but I doubt it goes back past ’71.

  • krl1966

    A very bold statement indeed. I can’t name a record from the 40’s containing this insrtument, but I suppose it was invented by Mr Rhodes because he was sick of hauling around a Grand Piano. It was most likely invented to "sound" like a piano but ended up being it’s own original sound.
    Check out the movie "Ray" for a peek at a very vintage Rhodes Piano ..almost looks like a b-3 organ. Ray is playing his first record in a club. You can hear those mellow Tines (tuning forks) clinking through his jazzy sound.
    Jason..Your site here rules. I take it the 80’s for you were the 70’s for me( I got 10 Years on you  I suppose) . I heard the sounds of the Rascals, The Four Seasons, and the Archies in my crib but I was thrust upon the smooth sounds of  Mellow Gold via The A.M. radio of the 70’s. NY was flush with the stuff..and I heard a lot of Fender Rhodes…Lets See
    Brandy, Just the Way you Are ( Fender Rhodes through a phaser.. Yummy)  Babe by Styx.Thats the foundation for a Mellow Gold Record..
    Of course as we came into the 80’s the Rhodes was cast aside for the new sound…The Midi Piano sound. You know the sound "Ballad Keys" on any Roland or Kurzwiel keyboard..Utilized on Luthur Vandros, Peabo Bryson, and Richard Marx Records…or was that the Yamaha CP 10. Would that be post Mellow Gold? Did Mellow Gold end in 80-81? Did Hall and Oates change the course of MG when they brough GE Smith into the band? ( G.E.  RULED)
    I agree with the year 1971 ..but now I’m curious..Where the hell did it come from?
    Oh Yeah..Looks Like Michael Mac is the man here..He’s a huge Fender Rhodes Guy..I know he sat around a rack of synths in the 70’s, but all  ten of them fingers were workin’ the Rhodes
      Again, I enjoy your Chart’s. They do bring back memories.

  • Speaking of Gary Puckett (thanks krl66!)…this is a true story. I was in college. My girlfriend and I had just…uh…gotten some, as you young folk would say, when she burst into "This Girl Is A Woman Now!"
    She later saw Gary Puckett at an oldies show and reported she found him "disturbing."
    If Steely Dan is still touring, it might be worth catching them just to hear the words "And on the Fender Rhodes, Donald Fagen!" I’m just sayin’.

  • Jer

    Maybe you should try listening to his music instead of looking at his picture. Once again it shows that America is concerned more with appearance than substance. He is a great song writer and performer who has survived without the major record labels behind him for over 25 years. He donates to many causes (9/11, Parkinsons, etc) and cares about his fans. Listen to his albums and try to tell me he isn’t as good or better than Eddie Money or Bruce Springsteen or other acts of his genre. He had a 3.5 octave voice range, how many other rock stars have that range?

  • Hey…are you from Syracuse?

  • Jer

    I live in the Detroit area and grew up in Canton, Ohio.

    And yes, Meatloaf does suck.

  • I loved him then! & I love him now! NO ONE PUTS ON A BETTER SHOW THEN BENNY! & It’s fine that you all don’t want to listen! I’ll keep him all to myself! Your the ones that are missing out! To bad for you! I’m Forever Hypnotized!

  • Ric

    All this whining from a guy who has to wear a miners hat to find his dick in order to piss.

  • Tabbygirl

    I am a recent convert to the amazing music of Benny Mardones although I certainly knew and loved Into The Night both times it was a hit. I think Let’s Hear It For Love is just as wonderful as all of Benny’s other material. The only reason that Benny is not a national superstar – and he should be – is that the folks who were responsible for promoting him did a lousy job.
    Drug addictions in rock music seemed to be the norm. That shouldn’t have even been an issue.
    Have you seen his performance at the tribute to Roy Orbison? ‘Cause there is precious little footage of him performing – what an awesome voice!!!
    Nobody – and I mean nobody – puts passion into their music the way Benny does. There isn’t one song on any of his albums or CDs that isn’t fantastic. I cannot say that for any other artist.
    Benny isn’t hard on the eyes either even at 61 years old (and he’s got the better part of two decades on me). If I were a single woman I’d be showing up at his next show at Turning Stone and making it my business to meet him. (I must agree about that particular picture though. It’s not the best one I’ve seen of him.)
    So, K Mc, I totally agree with you. I hope you don’t mind sharing. LOL

  • Paul

    I’ll give you my two cents. I certainly remember Into the Night, and most people do. I recently rediscovered Benny while browsing iTunes. I’ve since bought everything he has released there, and I’m thoroughly enjoying almost all of it. I even picked up tickets to see him at Turning Stone in December 2008, which I’m really looking forward to. Benny’s performance of Running Scared in 1989 at Roy Orbison’s tribute special and his performance of Oh-Me-Oh-My at the Park West in 1980 are absolutely incredible live performances. This thread has really knocked the guy undeservingly. I think Benny Mardones is a real talent, and should’ve attained much greater heights. It’s too bad really. …And no, I’m not from Syracuse.

  • Robert

    “When will he fucking shut up about Benny Mardones?”

    Answer: He’d better not! Benny Mardones is a legend. Bob Seger wishes he could be as cool as Benny. Benny has spent multiple decades busting his butt and earning the respect and love of his fans, and anyone who would slam him for being a has-been/never-was/one hit wonder…well, it’s pathetic. How many hit records has jasonhare.com had?

  • Gloria

    It really pisses me off that you have so much time on your hands that you can bash a true artist and an incredible human being. Benny is a phenominal entertainer. Benny should have been more successful than he was and was given a raw deal. You should try listening to more of his music instead of looking at his picture -have you ever seen some of the bigger artists and their covers(obviously not). This man gives more at his shows than any entertainer -yes any – maybe you should take the time to see a concert of his. He has exceptional talent, chrisma, charm and is a true gentleman. He was not caterted to by cut throat corporate America like most artists. He truly cares about his fans and despite the fact that he has Parkinson’s he takes the time to talk with everyoe of them and actully cares….Can you say that about some of the other artists? He is the real deal. As far as his looks – maybe the album cover doesn’t do him the justice you feel is appropriate, why don’t you put your mug out here for us to judge you…Benny looks awesome and I am sure at his age can blow your looks away! I am from New York but am not from Syracuse, New York and I am a faithful and loyal fan for over 25 years who has his back at all costs!!!

  • Marlene Lancaster

    Thank you Gloria for posting your note in support of Benny. For all who might be reading this, I was notified of Gloria’s post because I posted something myself last March…see the comment from Tabbygirl above.
    Gloria, I hope you don’t mind. I copied your response to Benny which prompted a reply from him.

    Since my post, I have met and become friends with Benny (and I’m now single too…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) Gloria is right, Benny is a phenomenal human being and, if you know him, you love him and if he’s your friend, you’ve got the best. His fans love him and the feeling is definitely mutual.

    By the way…my real name is Marlene Lancaster and I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…not Syracuse…but I have been fortunate enough to witness Bennymania first hand in Syracuse. Awesome!

    Jason, Benny asked me to tell you that it was him who found Jon Bon Jovi when he was sixteen years old playing in a garage attached to “Power Station” where Benny was working on a Billy Idol record. He and Richie Sambora are like kid brothers to him. It was Jon who tried to look and sing like Benny, not the reverse.

    You also need to educate yourself on the true meaning of “Into The Night”.
    Even if Benny were singing it to a 16 year old girl, so what? Dr. Hook and Ringo Starr did it… How do you know that it’s not from a 20 years old’s point of view? Anyway, the real story of the song is not at all what you think and it was Benny who said to his writing partner, Bobby Tepper, “She’s just 16, leave her alone.”

    If you want to hear the real story straight from Benny’s mouth click on the following link:
    and then choose “Love Rocks”. This is from an interview Benny did on KSSK Radio in Honolulu in November 2008 where he performed in the Love Rocks Show. His part of the interview begins at around 18 minutes and 55 seconds. It’s an amazing story.

    Lastly and most IMPORTANTLY, here is a personal message that Benny asked me to pass on to you:


  • Gloria


    Thanks for the comment back….I am single and try to attend every Benny concert in Upstate, NY….(lol) and have been in love with this man since I was 17 – I am now 42(and if I had the guts or whatever-well nevermind). Anyway, I was fortunate to see him four times this past year and his Turning Stone Show was incredible – damn he looked very, very good – if you know what I mean. I just can’t help but get furious over these hypocritical, jealous, insecure idiots, especially where Benny is concerned….. Of course, Benny said it best “….BEING AN ICONACLAST SHOWS THAT YOU ARE AN INSECURE, ANGRY, UNFULLFILLED YOUNG MAN TRYING TO BE HEARD.” I love it! Thank you so much and if your talking to Benny again – tell him I love him and hope this finds him well and I am looking forward to his return in CNY.

  • Marlene Lancaster

    Gloria…I completely agree with you as you will see from my original post from last March. I will pass your measure along…I will be in touch with him tonight. I’ll find you on MySpace…I know you are there and know who are…I’ll send a Friend Request, ok? Take care.

  • Terry

    I cannot believe that you idiots think this guy is hot….He is a sick old man. One of you obviously has this guy contacting you – he must be desparate to be falling for his fans(especially you girls on myspace-what a joke)…….He is a washed up singer, I have seen him in concert and his voice is fading fast and yes I live in Syracuse – not everyone likes him and I have met the guy and he is not all that you women make him out to be. You think he is genuine – don’t make me laugh, he shuns many people and he is good at his act.

  • Marlene Lancaster

    Benny Mardones is a dear friend of mine. I’ve met him and I am in constant contact with him. I don’t know what you mean by “sick”. Yes, he has Parkinson’s Disease…if you are referring to something else…I can’t imagine what.
    Falling for his Fans? Ha…try the other way around pal. Women still kill themselves trying to get on stage or get his attention. Have you seen they way the fight over the towels? There’s a reason for that…it’s called “star quality”, talent, charm, respect and appreciation for his fans…and he’s gorgeous too. He’s got it all!
    I guess it’s hard for me to understand why you would even make a post like this.
    I’m hardly a unbiased party…but I know there are thousands of people who agree with me about Benny.
    The man saved my life!!! I would be dead if it were not for Benny Mardones.
    Benny is so far from washed up it’s not even funny. I saw him perform in August at Inner Harbor and he was in fine form. His voice was and still is amazing. Every singer has difficulty with their voice from time to time…yes…but whatever your experience was, it was obviously a temporary situation OR you don’t know an amazing voice when you hear one. Make no mistake, he is AWESOME!
    Don’t know whether you are male or female Terry. If you’re female, are you upset because he didn’t pay enough attention to you??? Is that the problem??? If you’re male…then it makes complete sense that you would be jealous. You’re from Syracuse…too many women in love with Benny and not you?
    There is no “act”. Benny is completely “genuine”.
    It’s fine if you don’t enjoy his music and, if that’s the case, why would you attend his shows?
    Washed up? I think not…Bennymania was in full force at Inner Harbor.
    BTW, he has a new CD forthcoming and we have not seen the end of Benny…not by a long shot!!!

  • Gloria L

    This is a response to Terry’s’ post.

    I unlike Marlene do not know Benny personally, but have met him and from everything I have seen from the man he is nothing but the complete opposite of what you have described in your post. I am not sure if you have been to more than one of his concerts, but he is far from “washed up.” You should have been at Turning Stone in December 2008 as well at some of his other concerts in the area over the last year. The person you have described is not Benny Mardones, but merely a figment of your imagination. When you attended his concert were you sure you were in the right venue? I cannot even stomach why an individual would be so vicious in their post….you cannot be for real and if you are you appear to be a sick son of a bitch and need some serious help – really counseling isn’t a bad thing.

    As far as Benny being “hot” – pal take a look at him – he is absolutely incredible looking. But I personally do not measure a person from only the outside – and this man is even more beautiful on the inside, something that is a rare find in people. Must be you can’t find yourself a lady friend or like Marlene said (if you are a woman) you didn’t get the attention you felt you should, which is hard to believe, since Benny always seems to find the time for anyone that takes the time to meet him whether it is a man or woman.

    I also am appalled that you think you are so crafty that you call us “idiots,” because of our feelings and thoughts! It shows how intelligent you are when you know nothing about us and that you base it all on short dialogues posted here. This is America and you are entitled to your opinion just like I am, but to come right out and boldly bash a person you obviously have never taken the time to know or learn about is in itself is “idiotic.” Your boosting about being from Syracuse is also nothing to feel important about either, since I feel you may be outnumbered there. Why don’t you look me up on “MySpace” so I can learn more about you and your bitterness, maybe we can attend counseling together so we can get to the root of your problems? You may love my particular page, since it is mostly dedicated to Benny himself.

    Bennymania is and always will be in SYRACUSE AND THE ENTIRE REST OF CNY, so if you can’t handle it maybe it’s time to move to a new area.

  • Marlene Lancaster

    Terry…here is a response to your post from another one of Benny’s fans and good friends:

    hi Terry.. i would actually like to hear your C.D. or catch your live show so i can check out the songs and show. I will certainly give it a look / listen. I am qualified to have valid opinion as i am involved in aspects of music business daily. Do you have anything on youtube etc??…bio on wikepedia??..google ??..Are you involved directly with any other areas of the music/entertainment industry as well..? promo/management /screen /stage acting ???..
    .if the answer to any or all of these is no..then why are you rendering any public opinions about Benny Mardones?? You haven’t earned the right to have one. Would you like to meet with him so you can tell him what you think in person??..Didnt think so.. Benny may or may not care what you think. Publicity is publicity. Michael Jackson has maintained a career by capitalizing on negative publicity.Your opinion a inconsequential as it is, ignorant as it is ..probably generates controversy and increases his public profile. Not having earned the right to give / wondering why you are giving an opinion on something you know nothing about doesnt mean i cant thank you on Benny’s behalf for helping…maybe next you should try and get a job that pays for your opinions .. or stick to contract toilet cleaning…Do i respect you??..Not in the least..but i enjoy the mental gymnastics…keep talking .. brian e.

  • i am looking for someone who is willing to make me cd copies of american dreams and unauthorized. i have been looking at the benny site for over a year now saying they will be available soon and still nothing. unless someone knows something i dont and knows where to buy them which i would gladly do. i will pay for the copies at a resonable price, in other words dont tell me you’ll do it for $100 a copy,even benny wouldn’t accept that thanx.

  • Marlene Lancaster

    Scott…the only place you can really get these right now is on eBay. I have them both.

    Benny is a very dear friend of mine and I will ask him if he knows when and if they will be available. We finally just got Warrior to put “Thank God For Girls” out on CD…LOL

    I’ll talk with Benny tonight and get back to you. My personal e-mail address is marlenelancaster@hotmail.com

    If there’s no other way to get them…I’ll just ask Benny if I can burn ’em and send to you for the cost of the disc…LOL…or see what he’ll take for them…kidding….but I will get back to you.

  • Dave Lifton

    I don’t like Benny Mardones’ music, but I do agree with him. Jason is an “insecure, angry, unfulfilled young man trying to be heard.”

    But that’s also why he’s awesome.

  • MelissaM

    *rim shot* *cymbal crash*

    Don’t look now, pal, but Benny offered you up a dose of eat-shit-and-well, you know the rest. To be honest, I don’t know a song that Benny sings with the exception of the double charting (yes, I know, a bone of contention with you) Into The Night, and honestly again, I don’t know how the hell I ended up here, but I wish I hadn’t. You see, it’s people like you that have nothing better to do with your life than to berate those that have broken barriers that you could never dream of. So, allow your heart to swell to the size of a pea and face the facts…Benny recorded one of the best ballads of all time. With that said, all of us here have heard of BENNY MARDONES, but none of us here have heard of you. Your immaturity is nauseating. Wipe the cheeto stains off your fingers, it’s getting your keyboard messy.