Update Yo’ Feeds

If you receive updates on this site via RSS, I thought now would be a good time to let you know that I’m using some new feeds.  The old feed is still active, but won’t be for long (and think of all the crappy music you’ll miss) – so please update your RSS reader or whatever.

JasonHare.com entries feed: 


JasonHare.com comments feed:



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  • Elaine

    Updated.  Thanks for letting us know.  Now, I wonder if the comments feed will show me new available articles by announcing "Comments f…nHare.com" like my current one (NetNewsWire) does.  F’in hare.com.

  • http://jasonhare.com Jason

    Wow!  I clearly reserved the wrong domain name!

  • Elaine

    No huhway.  I think it’s great!  I think you chose just the right domain name.

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