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I’ve Never Been To Ron Miller

One of our readers, Shawn, has pointed me over to his blog where he’s posted the extremely rare demo of Charlene’s "I’ve Never Been To Me," covered back in Mellow Gold #26.  The demo is by the song’s original writer, Ron Miller (who apparently died this summer).  Take a listen over at Music In Me.

My mouth dropped when I heard this deep, lower-than-Barry-White voice essentially growl the lyrics.  By the end of the song, I wanted to commit suicide.  Thanks, Shawn, for the link!

  • Elia

    Ditto!I think I’ll go jump off a bridge.

  • David

    I will never forgive this song for existing, but I gotta say – this version sucks less.

  • Dw Dunphy

    This is awesome, as in awesome like what comes next after a baked-bean eating contest, or when a particularly big skunk gets mooshed on a highway. That kind of awesome.

  • Wow, that’s Leonard Cohen meets Barry White.  He "stole" a woman in Tennesee!?  More like forced-against-her-will, I’m thinking.  He must have killed her or someone else on his crime spree through the American south.
    The narrator dies, but a schlock classic is born.

  • Miller possesses the voice you always hear in movies when the hero realizes he’s been drugged by the bad guys and then falls into a deep sleep.

  • Bama

    Have you been able to snag an mp3 off the site? This is a version that I HAVE TO HAVE for my collection. I have a whole host of friends who are obsessed with this song, and it would be killer to sneak it into the middle of a mix or play it at a party.
    I couldn’t figure out how to lift the mp3 from the original site.
    What a find by that guy!