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Stevie Gets Serious

So for any of you who may be curious, I did not get into the Stevie Wonder concert Thursday night. It’s probably the only concert I’ve been to in a few years where I haven’t been able to score seats for face value (or less) at the last minute. I’m guessing it’s because the venue was somewhat small, outdoors (and it was a beautiful night), Stevie hasn’t toured in ages, and was only performing one night. However, I stood outside and heard most of the show, and it sounded fantastic.

A few months ago, in CHART ATTACK! #40, we covered Jermaine Jackson’s “Let’s Get Serious,” which was both written and produced by Stevie. I just came across a kick-ass live version of Stevie performing the song, probably from the early ’80s. Check it out.

  • Dw Dunphy

    I’m going way off topic here, but I’ll try to redeem myself by saying Stevie Wonder recorded an album called “Hotter Than July”. Here it is. Last week of September. My favorite season is two days old. October, my favorite month, is only a few days away AND I’M SWEATING MY BALLS OFF. See those shriveled blue things in the corner? Yup. There they be, looking sad, pathetic and hotter’n July. The next time I’m within striking distance of a global warming denier, I’m kicking him/her in the ass twice, one for each of ’em.

  • Horny Stevie! They say lust is blind. I guess they’re right. Great song, whichever lifelong Motown employee is singing it.

  • Pete

    Great clip, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed when it starts to fade out right as he begins to sing “Living For the City”…