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The Twenty-Third Day Of Mellowmas: All Through The Dreck


We’re so close to the holiday, dear readers! We’re really starting to feel that ol’ Christmas spirit…and then this came along.

Olivia Newton-John featuring Michael McDonald – All Through The Night (download or stream below)

From Christmas Wish Amazon iTunes


[audio:http://www.wwmmd.net/tunes/mellowmas/Olivia Newton-John – All Through The Night (Featuring Michael McDonald).mp3]

Jason: Just so you know, Jeff, I found out about this song through Todd, one of our readers.

Jeff: Where can I find Todd? I want to punch him.

Jason: Dude, we’re 10 seconds in and McD is not here yet. This is not right.

Jeff: HURRY, MCD! This is my Christmas wish!

Jason: This is worse than waiting for Santa! And both have the same trouble fitting down the chimney!

Jeff: Hurry the fuck up, you fat bastard! I’m getting sleepy. And nauseous.

Jason: This year, I’m leaving cookies for McD. Hey, there he is! Sing it, McD!

Jeff: You know what? I didn’t think this was possible, but Olivia Newton-John actually makes Michael McDonald suck. This is gross.

Jason: Their voices don’t blend very well, do they? I mean, it doesn’t matter. All I hear is McD.

Jeff: Like, I keep hoping this recording will be interrupted by a drive-by shooting at the studio.

Jason: With our luck, they’d accidentally shoot the douchebag on clarinet. I’ve heard a few other ONJ holiday songs this year. None of them are good.

Jeff: She’s humming. I wonder if she has his balls in her mouth.

Jason: How much you wanna bet McD got a handjob during this song?

Jeff: Take it, Mike! There he is.

Jason: “Christmas time is so appealing all through the night.” That doesn’t even make sense. I just don’t know what to think of this.

Jeff: You don’t? I have a few pointers. 1. It sucks. 2. It sucks. 3. It sucks.

Jason: And 4?

Jeff: 4. All of the above.

Jason: I’m guessing ONJ figured this was a Christmas lullaby. It has lulled me to suicide.

Jeff: Lullabies aren’t supposed to give you nightmares, are they?

Jason: I don’t think McD sucked, though. I mean, he did the best he could with what he was given.

Jeff: Why did Todd have this? I mean, we’re professionals. We’re supposed to have this crap. But what’s Todd’s problem?

Jason: Well, actually, Todd didn’t send it to me – he pointed me towards a blog that was featuring the song. (I’m protecting you, Todd!)

Jeff: Dude, McD sounded like a tool through 90% of that song.

Jason: It wasn’t his best work. You’re right on that one. There’s only one thing to do tomorrow, then.

Jeff: Delete it from our hard drives?

Jason: We must listen to more McD for Mellowmas. He has to redeem himself.

Jeff: Oh, right. That. I guess we owe him that. Or he owes us.

Jason: Yes. I have faith in you, McD!

Jeff: Me too! I guess!

Jason: I believe in Michael McDonald, Jeff.

Jeff: You know what they say. What a fool believes…

Jason: Tell you what. Let’s leave some cookies on the table for him. Some big fucking cookies.

Jeff: I’m going to leave a turd on the table for Olivia Newton-John.

Jason: We’ll leave those, and some milk. Some whole milk. None of this 2% crap.

Jeff: No, fuck 2%.

Jason: Actually, no. Fuck milk. Heavy cream. We’re leaving him big-ass cookies and a pitcher of heavy cream.

Jeff: Ha! Cookies and heavy cream!

Jason: I’m pretty sure he drinks a pitcher of heavy cream before he sings, anyway.

Jeff: He’ll need an extra team of reindeer to get back home!

Jason: And we’ll leave a carrot for him. Like, just as a joke.

Jeff: I think he has a chalupa-eating contest with Christopher Cross before he sings.

Jason: We’re totally ignoring the fact that McD lost all the weight, but I don’t care. Do you?

Jeff: Is it still gone? I have no idea. If so, good for you, McD.

Jason: I think so. I don’t know. I haven’t sat outside his house in a while. I mean, what?

Jeff: Way to resist the temptation to spend all that calling-card-commercial money on donuts! Say, when is Motown Three coming out, you fucking sellout?

Jason: Jeff! Stop!

Jeff: Oh, right.

Jason: He’s going to redeem himself tomorrow. I can feel it.

Jeff: No wise man has the power…

Jason: You’ll see.

Will McD redeem himself? Will he save this god-awful holiday? Only one way to find out: meet us back here tomorrow for Mellowmas Eve!

  • Dw. Dunphy

    Olivia could’ve handled the tune if only she added into the lyrics, “this wasn’t how it was supposed to beaAAAAHHHH!”

  • Eric Lund

    I’ll take flat deliveries for $1000, Alex. Not an atrocity, but still awful.

  • Dan

    Man, when McD finally showed up, it struck me: the ONLY thing that could redeem this track is if it was a ONJ/Tom Waits duet instead. That would sort of kick ass.

  • Old Davy

    If this song doesn’t calm the little rug rats down on Christmas Eve, I don’t know what will. I think I’ll burn it to a CD, put it in the kid’s player and hit the repeat button. The little guy will be asleep in no time.

  • I’m actually not sure they were ever in the same room. This sounds like one of those late-’80s prog-rock tunes in which they just passed tapes around and added their tracks on their own.

  • Dw. Dunphy

    Dan, your comment killed me. Just freakin’ killed me…

    Olivia “Christmastime is so mel-low… Christmastime is so fi-ine…”
    Tom “AAAnd the earth died SCREAMING!!!!”

  • Anderson, Bruford, Newton-John & McD?

    It couldn’t have come out any worse…

  • EightE1

    This is perhaps the weirdest of the Mellowmas bunch this year because the voices are so mismatched. I mean, technically, it’s harmony singing (or humming, or whatever) — they’re hitting all the right notes. But her reedy whisper and his mellow Doobieness makes the whole thing sound just a little off.

    But there’s the promise of more McD tomorrow. Gloria in excelsis Doobie!