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use only as directed


  • David

    I love this as a logo, BTW. Looking forward to the site design.

  • Dw. Dunphy

    PopDose is NOT a suppository. DO NOT administer PopDose as a suppository. It is a supplement meant to be administered orally for conditions such as:

    Chronic boredom of the Internet

    Inflammation of the politically correct

    John Cougar Melanoma

    and, of course, will provide you with the recommended daily allowance of vitamin McD.

    Warning: You should not take PopDose if you have chronic fatigue syndrome, genital herpes, or occasional swelling of the uvula.

  • Matthew Bolin

    If use of Popdose results in a full-blown groove lasting longer than four hours, immediately consult a doctor (John, Dre, Hook, or Demento).

  • twostepcub

    Hey happy after-mellowmas, guys… As revolting as 9 minutes of Wonderful Christmastime was, it didn’t hold a candle to country radio this year, which had something called “song trust” doing “bring him home santa”. It actually made the top-30, and it makes “the christmas shoes” sound like shakespeare. Color me jaded, but I remember an off-key drivel song in the 80s sung by a kid but i forgot what it was. thank god.

    Happy Boxing Day

  • Matthew Bolin

    I believe that off-key drivel song you’re thinking of was “Dear Mr. Jesus”, an anti-child abuse tune that was a small hit–and so treacley it makes the Carpenters sound like Minor Threat.

  • Dw. Dunphy

    Butterfly kisses and christmas shoes
    Reindeer matricide and child abuse
    McD sings creole while Mike Love sings douche
    Oh, such a Merry Christmas!

    (Pass the poison!)

  • twostepcub

    thats IT! Dear Mr. Jesus! OMG it made me want to set a teddy bear on fire.

  • Ray

    OMG I guess my prediction back in the John Denver Mellowmas song thread finally came true (on the bright side, at least we were spared listening to “Dear Mr. Jesus”!).