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Adventures In Construction

There’s always a lot of construction going on around my place of employment.

Here’s a picture of a building they’re working on, just a few blocks away.


A bit closer up:


Every time I pass this building, all I can think of is, “JESUS CHRIST, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE BUILDING! YOU’RE STANDING ON NOTHING!

That is all.

  • But think how exciting your job would be if you only had a thin layer of floor between you and a 20-story drop.

    Or someone could install a really intimidating trapdoor.

  • I’ll never understand construction or architecture. It’s pretty amazing when I stop to think about it, but I rarely think about it since I’m too busy thinking, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! IT’S NOT EVEN SEVEN O’CLOCK YET, YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!”

    I had construction outside and inside the building where I live for almost two years straight a few years ago. It made me want to become a sniper.

    It’s nice to see random stuff on your blog again. Now talk about “Superman II.”

    Your pal,