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Mellow Gold, Chart Attack And Others…at Popdose

It occurred to me this morning that there may be some people following jasonhare.com who either haven’t jumped on the Popdose train or may have missed my posts over there. As I mentioned earlier, the majority of my musical content will now be featured at Popdose, but when I do post an article, I’ll try to post an update here with a specific URL for you. In the future, you’ll be able to click on my author page at Popdose, and automatically pull up any articles I’ve written. For now, though:

Adventures Through The Mines Of Mellow Gold: Come join us as we make fun of smug ol’ Paul Anka!

CHART ATTACK: 2/7/87: More than you ever wanted to know about Billy Vera!

Songs For The Dumped: Come find out why getting dumped on my ass reminds me of Ann-Margret writhing in baked beans.


  • r

    Hey Jason,
    Can you re-post Stephen Bishop “It might be You” remix? Thanks much.

  • Jayman710

    Hey Jason!

    How are you?  You don’t know me…yet.  My name is Jarrett Nolan.  I happened upon your Chart Attack pages via the bobborst.com links page.  I love the idea of what you did and would like to be a contributor.  I’ve been an avid Billboard music junkie since 1979 and feel like I can add to the individualistic snark and fact that you’ve espoused on the random charts that you’ve used.

    Please let me know if you feel comfortable with this idea or if you’d like to talk further.

    Thank you in advance.