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Archive for February, 2011

Oh hi.

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

It’s been just over three years since I’ve updated this website.

When I first started, I intended this site to be a catch-all for a million different things: personal posts, commentary on amusing and interesting links, and a space for me to write about music and pop culture. The site opened with a bang, thanks to some high-profile linkage from Jefito, Stereogum and AOL, and suddenly I had an audience, interested in reading what I had to write about Michael McDonald. I started two really fun series (I would much prefer to write “serieses” here but it’s not a real word), created a bunch of deadlines for myself to post new content for them, and found I never had time to post the other stuff I wanted to post.

Then the serieses (screw it, it’s my site, I’m writing it) moved over to Popdose, which is where they rightfully belonged, and then…I ran out of steam. My self-imposed deadlines kicked my ass and writing my posts became more obligations than outlets for enjoyment. I try very hard to stick to one rule above all others: if the thing you do for fun is consistently no longer fun, stop doing it. I already do things every day I don’t necessarily enjoy doing. There’s not enough time in the day to do other things I don’t love.

I still write for Popdose from time to time, and I’ll continue to do so — that’s where any new substantial music posts (or serieses) will show up. But I’m going to reclaim JasonHare.com as what it was meant to be all along: my personal musings on anything, be it music, theatre, pop culture, family, photos, links, whatever. I’m going to do it on my own schedule, which means it might be three times a day or once a month. Or never again after this post. I think I was scared to do this in the past because I didn’t want to annoy/mislead all the people that subscribed to the site for the reasons they visited in the first place. But at this point, I figure either you’ll subscribe, continue to subscribe, or unsubscribe, and all those options are okay with me. I welcome comments — everything worthwhile in my life is a dialogue — but understand if there aren’t any.

So hi and welcome, or goodbye and don’t forget to visit Popdose for all your daily pop culture needs.