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Road Trip!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Heading out of town this morning.

Stop #1:  Boston to see my brother and Andrew, and hopefully score a few tickets to see Stevie Wonder tonight. 

Stop #2:  New Hampshire.  I am going to hunt down the elusive Jefito.  Rumor is that he’s gone into hiding, Kaczynski-style, but it’s just a rumor at this point.

Wish me luck on both points.  I’ll try to post a pic or two of the most anticlimactic meeting of the century!

jasonhare.com Pwned?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I’m so excited!  That’s twice in one week that I’ve been able to use that word!

Actually, no, I haven’t been pwned.  But I’m going to slow down a bit. 

I don’t blame you for chuckling, since I only post twice a week.  But I’m a slow writer and tend to do a fair amount of reading before I start writing.  (I blame this on all of you – shame on you, turning me on to music I haven’t heard before.)  So even my two posts occupy quite a few hours of time each week, and I need to re-focus some of those hours into other pursuits.  (This includes, but is not limited to, getting Michael McDonald to return my phone calls.)

So I’m not going away, or shutting down.  I just won’t be posting MG and Chart Attack every week.  But I’ll still be writing when I can.  I’ll also try and post little items here and there on things I find interesting, which was a goal when I started this blog but kind of fell by the wayside when I started doing the weekly posts.  And for those who were around last December, Mellowmas is totally returning.  (Jeff has been planning it since May.)

To those who have volunteered to step in and write some guest posts: thank you for offering, and I’ll be in touch.

So if you want to know when I’ve added new content, there’s always the RSS feed:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/Jasonharecom .  But if you’re not into the RSS thing, you can sign up to get simple, brief e-mail notifications whenever I post here.  You can sign up now below, or at anytime by using the box on the upper right side of the site.

This service is powered by FeedBlitz, a great little company that won’t spam you.  Promise.  I subscribe to a few websites through them, and have never had any problems whatsoever.

So that’s that.  Thanks for continuing to read and comment, and it won’t be long.

jefitoblog.com Pwned?

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

For those of you wondering why Jeff’s site won’t load – it seems like his hosting company nigerianhosting.com jatol.com may have quit the business, leaving a lot of people in the lurch without websites. 

Let’s not all lose our shit just yet, but this could be bad.

Jeff is currently investigating the problem, which has a lot of people quite angry at the moment.  As you can imagine, rebuilding his blog from scratch is not something he’d be up for doing anytime soon, so things might be a bit quiet on the Jefito front for a little while.  I told him he could guest-blog here if he wanted.  His response is not fit for print, but I’ll see if I can change his mind.

Stay tuned.  I’ll be sharing more information with you as I get it from Jeff.

(On another note, this is the first time I’ve used the word "pwned," so please let me know if I’m using it incorrectly.  Thanks.)

Happy Blogaversary

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

JasonHare.com went live a year ago today.  I don’t think this is that big of a deal, but I thought now would be a really good opportunity to thank you for reading this.  If you weren’t here, I would have given this up a long time ago.  Whether you’re a lurker or a commenter, the fact that you take a few minutes out of your day to read my ramblings means quite a lot.

Doin’ The Math

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Just taking a look at my upcoming week between now and next Monday.  4 rehearsals + 4 auditions + 3 performances + that annoying "full-time job" thing = a quiet week or two on the website front, for the most part.  I’ll be back as soon as possible.  (And yes, I do expect to get shit from Jeff for this.)

However, good news: our buddy Beau – he of Mostly Modern Media, the excellent blog that’s been showing us how it’s done for a good two years now – is going to take over CHART ATTACK! this week, so you can expect yet another Friday full of ’70s goodness.  (I’ll be doing some more outsourcing of CHART ATTACK! in future months, so those of you who have offered to cover a week, don’t worry – I’ll be in touch.)

And hey, if you’re in the area, don’t forget that Mike and I are rocking the shit out of the ’80s this Saturday, September 8th.  Rehearsals are going great; the only challenge is getting through each song without cracking up.  It’ll be a fun night!