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The Perfect Borat Post

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Stereogum features a fantastic post about BORAT today.  Check it out.

It features:

1) A video of Borat on Conan, playing keytar (note to SB: they’re both miming)
2) Excellent Borat pop culture commentary by John Mayer, whose blog is actually really quite hysterical at times.

Enjoy!  And if you haven’t seen the movie but you dig that kind of humor…GO SEE IT.  Don’t hesitate.  And don’t read the reviews, either: some of them spoil the best scene in the movie.

I Will Be Buying This Post-Haste

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

The ultimate box set to end all freakin’ box sets will be released on November 28th.

Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition

The full specs are here, with more information here, but this includes the 2 disc Superman Returns, the 4 disc Superman: The Movie, the 2 disc Superman II, Superman II: The Donner Cut (which I’m thinking will be interesting but not all that good), Superman III and IV, as well as lots of additional documentaries and the 1904s Max Fleischer cartoons.  14 discs for $70!

Will I ever get through all this stuff?  No.  But I gotta have it anyway.

And so do you.

Sun City Video

Monday, October 9th, 2006

The excellent blog Mostly Modern Media offered up some great YouTube treasures on Friday.  While the version of "Down Under" by Men At Work just reminded me how much I miss Pop-Up Video, the real gem of the bunch is Artists Against Apartheid’s video for "Sun City:"


Oh my gosh, what a video.  All political messages aside, in this video we get to see:

Lou Reed with his arm around John Oates;
Daryl Hannah and Jackson Browne singing backing vocals
Bono kissing one of the Fat Boys (holy shit!)
Bruce Springsteen shaking his fist in anger

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

Nevermind that the majority of these artists probably would not have been invited to play Sun City.

The Britney Spears Fugue

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Via Waxy, a clever mock-instructional video about writing a fugue based on "Oops, I Did It Again."  If the middle doesn’t seem to make much sense, this should help explain.


Sesame Street Kicks It Old School

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Oh hell yes!

Courtesy of Muppet News Central, October 24 will see the release of Sesame Street: Old School Volume 1.

# First time ever on DVD – the best of the first 5 years of the ground-breaking show, Sesame Street
# Includes over 7 hours of classic content
# 5 complete hour-long episodes
# Over 45 bonus segments:

    * The original pilot for the show – first time available anywhere!
    * Celebrity appearances from James Earl Jones, Jesse Jackson, Johnny Cash, Jackie Robinson
    * Classic segments every parent will remember: "I Love Trash," "Rubber Duckie," "C is for Cookie"
    * Original animations include Ladybug Picnic, Alligator King, King of Eight, Pinball Number Count

7 hours of content!  While that’s a whole lot of Sesame, that sounds just about perfect to me.  All I know is that it had better have "ABCDEFCookie Monster" on it:


I bought the Songs From The Street box set a few years ago.  The more recent stuff is relatively lame (you can almost hear Michael Stipe cringing through "Furry Happy Monsters"), but you can’t beat songs like these:

The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count

Stevie Wonder – 123 Sesame Street

Now that’s funky.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.  Next week will bring a couple of posts on KT Tunstall (saw her at the China Club last night), and perhaps The Beach Boys.