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Adventures In Construction

January 31st, 2008

There’s always a lot of construction going on around my place of employment.

Here’s a picture of a building they’re working on, just a few blocks away.


A bit closer up:


Every time I pass this building, all I can think of is, “JESUS CHRIST, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE BUILDING! YOU’RE STANDING ON NOTHING!

That is all.

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Introducing Popdose

January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year! It’s time to officially announce the worst-kept secret in the world!

For all of you who have wondered for months on end about the eventual return of Jeff Giles, aka Jefito of Jefitoblog, gather ’round, for I have news. Effective today, Jefitoblog moves to a brand-new, even bigger-and-better location. And, as most of you could have predicted, I’m packing up my bags and moving in with him.


Simply put, Popdose is going to be everything you love about Jefitoblog and more. Jeff has assembled a crack team of staff writers to cover all aspects of pop culture: music, film, television, books, current events – you name it. And, as you’ve come to expect, each article will be full of thoughtful – and yes, sometimes snarky – commentary.

As for me, I’m signing on as Managing Editor, which means I’ll be doing a fair amount of work behind-the-scenes. I’ll also be bringing over my two series, Adventures Through The Mines Of Mellow Gold (which has become an occasional feature these days, but you try covering one shitty song a week for a year and see how far you get), and of course, CHART ATTACK!, which will now run every other Friday opposite Jeff’s collaborative feature CHARTBURN. I’ll be featuring over a dozen guest writers over the course of 2008, so if you’re sick of my writing style, don’t give up – a new perspective is just around the corner!

As for what happens with jasonhare.com, I’m still working that one out. (I can’t have all the answers, you know.) I will continue to use my site to promote my artistic endeavors (I have more music gigs coming up in the new year, and I’m doing a fantastic Off-Broadway production in February), and will post items – probably short, link-related posts that aren’t appropriate for Popdose – as I have time. If you’d like to keep me on your radar, I’d love to have you around, but if you’re here merely for the music-related posts, you know where to find me.

So…thanks for reading. And what the hell are you waiting for? We’re having a housewarming shindig over at the new place, and it’s not a party until you get there.

See you on Popdose!


Little. Poppy. Different.

December 31st, 2007


symptoms include rocking

December 30th, 2007


three out of four doctors prefer it

December 29th, 2007